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Redness and dehydration lead to premature aging. Our LIFT+FIX Serum with an ideal pH of 5.5, targets those triggers and rebalances all skin types and conditions. Dermatologist Dr. Marnie Nussbaum teaches us that “at this slightly acidic pH, the skin is optimized to seal in hydration, while protecting us from free radicals, pollution, and environmental irritants.” With the LIFT+FIX unique mix of actives, skin is strengthened even more to reduce the appearance of rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, oily, and acneic areas, leaving your skin fresher and healthier. And LIFT+FIX is clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation from UVA/UVB exposure by up to 95%.

In the professional setting, physicians, nurses, and estheticians use LIFT+FIX Serum to help heal skin after dermatological procedures. At home, you can use it 2x daily as your first step after cleansing, plus any time the skin feels unbalanced, tight, hot, itchy, or just uncomfortable. It is super lightweight, oil-free, and non-comedogenic.

Check out the 5 key ingredients and benefits of LIFT + FIX to support your healthiest skin:

Promotes Repair
- Chroma Peptide®, our patented ingredient that works with the skin to activate 40+ natural proteins including collagen, elastin and antioxidants.
Prevents Premature Aging
- Adenosine, naturally found in the skin cells, is the primary energy source to optimize protein production and prevent tissue damage.
Boosts Hydration
- PrimalHyal™ 50, hyaluronic acid in it's optimal, smallest form to deliver maximum efficacy.
- Aloe and Arnica, botanicals that naturally sooth and hydrate.
Calms Redness 
- SymGlucan®, a stable form of Beta Glucan helps to calm the skin and reduce sensitivity.
Increases Natural Resistance
- Abyssine® 657, reduces irritation in sensitive skin, skin reactivity and intolerance, while increasing resistance to mechanical and sun aggressions, protecting the skin against UV damage.

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