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Twenty-five years ago the founding scientists of LIFTLAB Skincare discovered how plants and animals survive the harsh cold of the Arctic and extreme heat of the desert: they produce a unique protein that protects them from environmental dangers and helps them heal more quickly than their counterparts elsewhere in the world - a Cell Protection Protein®, or CPP® for short.

Purified by LIFTLAB’s scientists for medical uses including preservation of organs, vaccines and enzymes, years of research proved the protective and regenerative effects CPP has on our skin in all environments: helping to dramatically boost the production of 41 key skin proteins including anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory proteins, regenerative proteins, collagen and elastin, while increasing skin's natural moisture content - helping to ward off wrinkles, dryness, sagging and other forms of visible aging. Amazingly, they also found that skin treated with CPP heals 95% faster than normal from heat and UVA/UVB assault.* LIFTLAB is the world’s only producer of natural CPP, and this molecule is found only in LIFTLAB products. *AMA Clinics, NY


LIFTLAB Skin Regeneration with Cell Protection Protein® merges natural ingredients with cutting edge technology, delivering the benefits of this miraculous protein to improve the health and vitality of skin.

Each LIFTLAB ingredient has a known and clinically tested benefit for skin, incorporated at a concentration clinically proven to be effective. Every formula is built around Cell Protection Protein®, and then enhanced with anti-oxidants, botanicals and peptides to maximize the product’s ability to address specific areas of skin protection and regeneration. LIFTLAB products are free from artificial fragrance and colors, are sulfate-free, and use a paraben-free preservative system. LIFTLAB Skin Rejuvenation: for healthy, younger looking skin at any age.