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Chromat is the only producer and source of Chroma Peptide, a medical-grade protein that works wonders on the skin.


Our scientists discovered how plants and animals survive the harsh cold of the Arctic and extreme heat of the desert: they produce a unique protein that protects them from environmental dangers and helps them heal more quickly than their counterparts elsewhere in the world - an antifreeze protein we now call Chroma Peptide® When used in CHROMAT skincare, CHROMA PEPTIDE activates skin to naturally repair and protect itself.



All products with the LIFTLAB® or CHROMAT ® label begin with CHROMA PEPTIDE and have clinically proven concentrations of each additional active. Only ingredients with a known and clinically tested benefit for skin are used and incorporated at concentrations clinically proven to be effective at addressing specific areas of skin protection and regeneration.

All products are free from artificial fragrance and colors, are sulfate-free, and use a paraben-free preservative system. LIFTLAB Skin Rejuvenation: for health, younger looking skin at any age.