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We are the only producer and source of medical-grade
Cell Protection Protein®



Purified by LIFTLAB's scientists for medical uses including preservation of organs, years of research proved the un-rivaled protective and regenerative effects Cell Protection Protein® has on our skin.


Twenty-five years ago the founding scientists of LIFTLAB Skincare discovered how plants and animals survive the harsh cold of the Arctic and extreme heat of the desert: they produce a unique protein that protects them from environmental dangers and helps them heal more quickly than their counterparts elsewhere in the world - an antifreeze protein called Cell Protection Protein®, or CPP® for short.


LIFTLAB Skin Regeneration with Cell Protection Protein® merges natural ingredients with cutting edge technology, delivering the benefits of this miraculous protein to improve the health and vitality of skin.

Each LIFTLAB ingredient has a known and clinically tested benefit for skin, incorporated at a concentration clinically proven to be effective. Every formula is built around Cell Protection Protein®, and then enhanced with anti-oxidants, botanicals and peptides to maximize the product's ability to address specific areas of skin protection and regeneration. LIFTLAB products are free from artificial fragrance and colors, are sulfate-free, and use a paraben-free preservative system. LIFTLAB Skin Rejuvenation: for health, younger looking skin at any age.