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Why Chromat?

Why the change?

CHROMAT is an inclusive, science-based name that refers to the compatibility of our products with all skin tones, types and conditions – the chromatic spectrum – and to Chromatin itself: “the material of which our DNA (and chromosomes), RNA, and proteins are composed.” It’s the very building blocks that makes our skin look the way it looks.

Our names.

In addition to our brand-new brand name, we’re also updating our product names. We’re doing this to help differentiate the products and better describe what they offer.

i.e. our eye cream, formerly known as LIFT+FIRM is now EYE FIRM. It’s the same highly-rated eye-brightening LIFTLAB formula, now with a brighter design. It’s made with 80% less plastic than our original jars, uses airless technology to keep the cream fresher for longer, and an easier applicator for less mess. (The 80% less plastic is why it looks so much smaller. This contains the same amount of product as the previous jar.)

We ALSO adjusted the price to $75 retail from $90 to complement our more sustainable approach.

Our active ingrredient.

To consistently reflect our brand name CHRO•MAT, we are also updating the name of our patented. active ingredient: What you knew before as Cell Protection Protein® - CPP® is now Chroma Peptide, or CP®.

Our packaging.

The most obvious change you will notice over the coming year is a transition from the black and white look to a more esthetic presentation that merchandises well and attracts the eye. Plus, the thick plastic packaging is being replaced with more sustainable, product-preserving, tubes/pumps/jars. We are also cutting back on cardboard in the outer packaging — you will see more open sleeves in place of fully enclosed packages. We are very excited to share these exciting updates and appreciate all the hard work you dedicate to supporting the brand. Thank you for being a part of our team. And please don’t hesitate to send any questions our way to